The 2013 Southern Indiana Classic Marathon, 1/2 Marathon and 8k is offering low cost training runs for runners and walkers, beginners, and advanced athletes, and everyone in between, in hopes of encouraging more tri-state folks to stay fit all winter long. Sponsored by Ultimate Fit, these training runs will start in January.
Sponsored by Ultimate Fit
There will be six runs January 5th, January 19th, February 2nd, February 16th March 2nd and March 23rd.
SIC Training Run Fees
Full Marathon Training Runs (14 Miles, 16 Miles, 1/2 Marathon, 20 Miles, 20 Miles, 12 Miles) $20.50
½ Marathon Training Runs (4 Miles, 5 Miles, 5K, 8 Miles, 9 Miles, 11 Miles) $17.50
8k Training Runs (2 Miles, 3 Miles, 5K, 4 Miles, 3 Miles, 4 Miles) $15.00
Training Program Route Maps
All Saturday morning group runs start at 7:30am. All paces (including walkers) are welcome to attend. Bring a buddy to ensure someone will be present at your exact pace, but with a group this large, there is bound to be a person at your exact pace present. All group workouts take place on Saturday mornings (because it is too dark outside for large groups to run in the winter evenings), and we follow Hal Higdon’s intermediate schedule. If you follow Hal Higdon’s intermediate schedule these runs will fit perfectly into you training schedule.

Routes are posted here.

With the low cost of the SIC training runs, water will still be provided for participants, but electrolytes will be the responsibility of the participant to provide for themselves. T-shirts will be for sale at the Ultimate Fit shoe store, additionally. These changes allow us to still offer area runners and walkers longer distance group runs, for a much lower price, allowing folks of a variety of fitness backgrounds and goals to participate together.

Additional Training

The scheduled group runs are not enough to thoroughly prepare you for the event. To be prepared for your event, SIC recommends that supplement your training with the following schedule on your own time to achieve optimal results

Buehler's IGA
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